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Hailey A Hobren



In the spring of 2017, Haley, who worked at several law offices in Tampa, Dallas and Austin, was delighted to join the full-service company Grable Martin Fulton (PLC) as a partner-level lawyer in the spring of 2017. Grable Martin Fulton, established in 2013, is a fully virtual company where experienced lawyers can not only provide customers with the highest respect and ethical standards that lawyers expect, but they can also significantly reduce overhead and provide highly competitive services.

Established in 2011


Haley A.Grable Martin Fulton, PLLC and partner-level lawyer Hobren provide legal services for Probate, Estate Planning, civil suits, civil disputes and negotiations, business laws, business formation and LLC, contracts, entertainment laws, copyright and trademarks. PLLC is Grable Martin Fulton's full service law firm, where there are additional or special needs in the legal matters. With an experienced lawyer, you can meet most of your legal needs.

Hayley A.Hobren is a Grable Martin Fulton and partner-level lawyer from PLLC in North Austin. As part of a fully virtual law firm, Hailey provides services across Texas, providing modern legal representation through a web-based platform and flexible scheduling. Hailey is experienced in many legal areas, but today's operations focus on certification, real estate planning, civil suits, business law and entertainment. Hailey is licensed in both Texas and Florida and has practical experience in both litigation and transaction states. Haley received a JD at the University of Texas Law School and a BSFS at Georgetown University (Washington DC). Customers will know that Hailey is familiar with the laws of Texas and is ready to share their experience, compassion, and professionalism, and to help customers both their personal legal and business issues. Tampa-born Haley has been living in Texas for over nine years and is now proud to call her home.

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